We Are Taking Racing To The Next Level

Watch racing like never before

You have never experienced racing quite like this. Gearhead is the best way to interact with live motorsports, with realtime information on each and every driver in a race. Get a bird’s eye view of the track, to get an overview of what’s happening in the race. Lap times, current speed, and other information of each and every driver are just a click away. Tired of watching a race by the numbers? Switch to a live onboard view of the driver, to experience the race in the most immersive way, while also chatting with other spectators.

Timing for everyone

Live tracking has never been accessible to amateur drivers, requiring sophisticated and expensive technology. By only using your phone, Gearhead changes this by letting you broadcast your race live, on any track, at any time. Simply record the track you want to race in, then invite other drivers to join the race. Compare your lap times on the track with the fastest laps to find out where you stand with the competition.

What people say?

Gearhead succesfully makes motorsports much more interesting to watch.

Sarah Mizzi, Craftydroid.

What people say?

As an amateur driver, keeping track of my lap times has never been easier.

James Zammit, Kwaver.

What people say?

Every petrolhead should download this application!

Dorian Bugeja, Ludoi.

Why Gearhead?

Live tracking

Watching a race on Gearhead lets you track each and every driver on the track. Quickly find the driver's lap time, speed, position and much more.

Onboard video

Tired of seeing the driver's data? Switch to the driver's onboard camera for an immersive view from the driver's perspective.

Track recording

Gearhead allows you to record your own track, ensuring that tracks are never a limiting factor. Create a Autocross course, or even a Hill Climb track.